Ceník Kadeřnictví Elegance

Ceny jsou přibližné, cena se může lišit v závislosti na složitosti barvení a trvání postupu – 500kč/ hod.

Kadeřnictví Elegance pro dámy (krátké/střední/dlouhé)

Cena od :

Střih 320/ 420/ 520, – Kč
Střih kreace 420/520/620,- Kč
Střih ofiny od 60, – Kč
Střih konečků (zkrácení) 100 Kč
Keratin 1500/1900/2300,- Kč
Vlasová kůra – maska keratinová 150,- Kč
Fénování vlasu 100/130/190,- Kč
Foukána + styling 200/280/420,-Kč
Žehlení vlasů 80/250/450,- Kč
Kulmování 80/250/450,- Kč
Změna image/konzultace 500 Kč
Barvení 460/750/920,- Kč
Barvení 3D 780/1025/1315,- Kč
Barvení odrostů 400/500/500,- Kč
Melír do 5 folií 190/240/290,- Kč
Melír odrostů 400/500/500,- Kč
Melír kalifornský 510/650/790,- Kč
Melír celá hlava 510/650/790,- Kč
Melír vícebarevný 640/890/1165,- Kč
Přeliv 390/535/725,- Kč
Trvalá + kompletní péče a úprava 580/od 700/ od 900,- Kč
Vlasová kůra 100/120/150,- Kč
Mytí hlavy 70/100/120,- Kč
Mytí hlavy, balsam 120/150/170,- Kč
Maska na vlasy 100/150/200,- Kč
Regenerace vlasů (šampon, maska, sérum, olej) 300 Kč
Masáž hlavy 80 Kč
Konečná úprava (tužidlo, lak, lesk, gel, vosk) 50 Kč
Peří do vlasů 1kus/120,- Kč
Společenský účes 500/800/1000,- Kč
Svatební účes 1000/2000/2000,-Kč
Prodlužování a zahuštění vlasů od 5000 do 10000,-Kč

Kadeřnictví Elegance pro páni

Cena od :

Střih páni 250, – Kč
Střih strojkem 150,- Kč
Střih náročný (kreace) 350, – Kč
Melír páni 350, – Kč
Mytí + sušení vlasů 50,- Kč

Kadeřnictví Elegance děti (krátké/střední/dlouhé)

Cena od :

Dětský střih 150/150/200 Kč
Dětský střih + mytí + foukaná 200/220/250  Kč

Kadeřnictví Elegance pány


Pánský střih (mytí, stříhání, styling) 250,- Kč
Pánský střih (bez mytí) 200,- Kč


Kadeřnictví Elegance – tým vlasového studia Elegance je složen z talentovaných kadeřníků, kteří pracují s profesionální vlasovou kosmetikou MAXXELLE, label.m,  Morphosis, Napura, Framesi, Inebrya. Všichni kadeřníci se pravidelně školí a sledují zahraniční trendy, neustále se zdokonalují a posouvají své vlastní hranice. Naší vizí je kvalitní a profesionální servis, preciznost technik stříhání, barvení a hairstylingu. 


• creative
• elegant
• any length and form

Multi-skilled hairdressers of Elegance salon perform such works as chemical- and a bio-curling, evening hairstyles, curls, a corrugation, weaving of braids, weaving on short hair, a permanent hair straightening, creation of radical volume, a hairstyle done with hot scissors, hair extension, contemporary dyeing stiles using the best dyes available. At your service also effective rejuvenation treatment of hair for women and men, thanks to which your hair will find the vital force, natural gloss and silkiness again.


Our stylists are ready to offer various men’s hairstyles and haircuts:

• classical
• model
• fashionable and stylish


We’re providing hairdresser’s services in our salons and for the little clients. For this purpose we offer the most fashionable children’s hairstyles and haircuts that will please as children themselves, just as their parents.


Beauty salon Elegance offer an effective hair straightening which will allow you to say goodbye for long time to rebellious ringlets. The Brazilian keratin smoothing that we do without use of the chemical compositions not only allows to achieve ideally smooth hair, but also inexplicably improves their state, doing them healthier and silky. Meaning of this procedure is that only natural keratin is used, so your hair will be smooth, healthy and shiny for the whole 6 months. The rare opportunity of service – in beauty salon Elegance we have the special trychological device that allows us to do full complex of diagnostics of head skin and a hair.


Set of options of hairstyle for the bride can be test executed in several weeks prior to a wedding. Provide us with the photo of the wedding dress, so we could consider all nuances, as well  -also we need to know whether the bride will have a veil and how her wedding bouquet would look like. The master will consider the obtained information and will create a test hairstyle that will go well with appearance of the bride, her clothes and other accessories. Certainly it is very important that the hairstyle would be pleasant to the bride and fully corresponded to her mood and appearance. Consultation and the recommendations of the professional will help the bride to understand and choose a combination of a wedding dress and her hairstyle.


For each type and length of hair you can create an ideal wedding hairstyle. Short hair can be increased for a wedding hairstyle, but it is not obligatory at all. Flowers, decorative accessories, tiaras and fabrics with pearls – all this will help to do ideal wedding hairstyle even from short hair.


Botox for your hair is first of all a hair reconstruction, the visible effect remains from 1 to 3 month. Botox does not straighten hair, and only revitalizes them, letting your hair stay less fluffy and porous. The carving or lamination – is the hairdo that is having long-term character. Lamination of hair is the cosmetic procedure providing care for the damaged and weakened locks. It represents a hair covering special material that is capable to change structure of a hair midstream visually. During lamination each separate hair is sealed in rather thin cover.


Long hair usually do dictate the nature of the hairstyle. Very often long locks gather and decorated with flowers, fabrics and other jewelry. Of course, hair can remain free of decor or are collected in long braids. Special hairstyle is created if the bride has a veil or wants to wear a crown or tiara. Two versions of the procedure are possible: either the bride herself decides about the way she will be brushed and chooses jewelry or she chooses a veil or a crown first, and only then the wedding hairstyle being considered.


It is often easier and much more pleasant to brush hair simple way – sideways, than to do a complicated hairdo. This simple hairstyle could be very feminine and also often has a deep sensual appearance. Moreover, everyone got used to magnificent posh hairstyle of brides and therefore difference and simplicity just for the sake of it can be seen as very interesting and unusual thing.


The hairstyle with a flowing hair is definitely suitable more for those ladies who do not like appearance of difficult hairstyles. Usually, the hair style in which hair carefully brushed and dismissed from the center look good. Combing hair from roots, so their form remains, certainly it is necessary to consider using jewelry in hair which could be chosen by the bride.


The best appearance for a natural curly, hard or dense hair is reached by simple hairstyles. This style is given with minimum or almost without efforts. Hair can be curled or can be pinned, using hairpins and jewelry could be reached impressive look that represents beauty of hair of the bride.